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AKA is a statewide, not-for-profit partnership who provides assistance and training to help manufacturers of all sizes grow and improve! We are the affiliate of the U.S. Department of Commerce NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) Program for the State of Kentucky.

AKA offers expertise, training, and facilitated planning to manufacturers in a whole myriad of areas such as business strategies, process improvement, business growth and cost reduction.

At the national level, NIST MEPs have increased and retained sales in the past year by $16 Billion, created over 122,000 jobs, and helped companies cut expenses by $1.7 Billion. Learn More

At the State level (as of Q2, 2019), In the past year AKA has increased and retained sales at Kentucky Manufacturers by $79.3 Million, Created over 1,835 jobs in Kentucky, and has helped Kentucky Manufacturers cut costs to the tune of $9.9 Million. The total dollar impact on Kentucky Manufacturers for the past year is $111.8 Million. Learn More

Impacts of the MEP Program

National Impact

  • Increased and Retained Sales of $16 Billion
  • Created or retained over 122,000 Jobs
  • Cut Expenses by $1.7 Billion
  • $4 Billion in new client investments
  • From NIST MEP Website for Q1 2018

Kentucky Impact

  • Increased and Retained Sales of $79.3 Million
  • Created and retained over 1,835 Jobs
  • Cut Expenses by $9.9 Million
  • Total Impact on KY Manufacturers $111.8 Million

What's New

SKED Awarded $1.3 Million ARC Grant

– Southeast Kentucky Economic Development Corp. (SKED) will expand its successful Supplier Education & Economic Development (SEED) training program in 2019, with funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC).

Help AKA

Contact your member of Congress expressing the importance of your Kentucky MEP (AKA) and how AKA has helped YOU.

Kentucky Climbs to $12.4 Billion in Aerospace and Defense Exports

As many of you have seen the newest export numbers have been released and Kentucky continues to climb at $12.4 Billion in Aerospace and Defense Exports during 2018! Once again we are 2nd in the country in exports behind Washington state. Aerospace and Defense employment also grew to 19,000 jobs.


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